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Since 2018, Ive tried to resolve issues with Ginnys, Monroe and main without any success. My credit have a fraud alert thats now been extended because more orders are issued and them sharing my information.

I spoke to their corporate office which doesnt care to permanently resolve the issue. Their concern have been is for me to pay for accounts that arent mine. Ive with FTC from 2017 to present in which they were contacted by FTC and I mailed the affidavits several times. All of my information has been compromised by theses companies and I feel someone in their company is fraudster.

Although Iv expressed my concerns and follow all the instructions they gave me, they reported derogatory information on my credit report which I disputed. Now, I am finding addresses in Monroe, WI and Ive never lived in Wisconsin. On 02/26/2020, I received several alerts stating a different Date of Birth and Phone number with all of it in Monroe, Wi. Now, I found this company sold my confidential and personal information to other companies and Im being inundated with different companies like their preapproval.

That tells me the companies my information sold to have access to my credit report so I froze all credit report and credit bureaus for my protection. I have sent them an FCRPA letter to cease and desist all communications but they continue to leave message and call family members. Their collections department is in India or Philippines and do not understand anything you tell them or just ignore it.

This company ignored the FTC filing, CFPB they did not respond and the Attorney General Office is investigating. In the meantime, they are adding fraudulent accounts and derogatory information to force me to pay accounts that arent mine.

Preferred solution: Closed accounts and remove fraudulent info.

Monroe And Main Cons: Sell customers info and employee purchase under other names.

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We are very sorry to hear this. Please send us an email at socialcs@sccompanies.com if we can assist you further.

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