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I have had a credit account with Monroe and Main for years.

1. I moved and when I did, rather than updating the address on everything, they decided to open up a second credit account and not tell me.

So I made payments on one account and the other went delinquent. I only found out because they reported to the credit bureaus. Needless to say, things didn't go well after that. We got it resolved after 4 weeks and complaints to every organization I could think of.


They increased my credit limit to 10,000. I showed almost 9,000 in available credit, and when I went to purchase a handbag, they said I needed a down payment

3. Mostly, their stuff is very expensive, very marked up and really very cheap crap. I have tons of clothes from them that I was initially Mostly happy with, despite their sizing being all over the place.

But after a short time they have holes, the buttons break, the hems come undone. My clothes from Target are better quality.

Also, along with their other outdated processes, they use USPS and orders take almost a month to arrive .

Preferred solution: Enter the year 2020.

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